Inspiring change

Our planet is our home. From being Fair for Life certified, sourcing 100% organic ingredients to reducing our carbon footprint, we believe a healthy world means a healthy you. Find out how we are helping to change the world for a positive future – one cup of tea at a time.  With each sip a healthier you, and a healthier planet too.

Find out how we're inspiring change
donated to environmental charities in 2016

Explore the Pukkapedia

Welcome to our herbal encyclopedia. Get closer to the magic and wonder of incredible organic herbs through this A-Z of the plants we use and love.

Explore the Pukkapedia
certified organic herbs, protecting people, plants and planet

Ayurveda – Pukka's inspiration

Ayurveda is our inspiration. Every blend is made with a specific constitution in mind. Find out more about Ayurveda, what constitutions and doshas are and take our quiz to learn more about your mind, body and soul.

Find out more about Ayurveda
doses of organic herbal wellbeing through our supplements

Our tea – the story behind every cup

The journey to create our delicious teas starts with the highest-quality organic herbs, rich in natural oils, carefully and ethically sourced from over 50 countries from across the world.

Find out how we make our tea
colourful cups of organic tea in 2016